Programming FAQs

DisCon III is committed to creating an inclusive program with interesting guests and intriguing discussion topics. We want to combine experienced programming veterans with diverse new voices who can share their stories. You don’t have to be a bestselling author or Hugo Award winner to be on the program for Worldcon; we value participation from newly published authors and fans alike. If you have ideas and opinions about science fiction, fantasy, or horror we want to hear from you.

We will be updating this FAQ as we receive additional questions and as we move closer to the dates of the convention.

Questions of interest to program participants

Q. I have been accepted to the program. What is the website?


Q. I lost my User ID, who should I email

A. Please contact for assistance.

Q. How do you determine which items I get to be on?

A. We will use a combination of your availability, indicated interest level, and what you have written on the item application to determine which items you are placed on.

Q. How do I find my way around the hotel?

A. Here is the map of the con.

Questions of interest to potential program participants:

Q. How do I apply to be on the program?

A. Please fill out the application at

Q. When is the deadline to apply to be on the program?

A. We are using a rolling admissions schedule due to the nature of the convention and the need to fill both in-person and online programming. We promise that people who apply by July 31 will receive a response by August 31.

Q. How do I know if I’ve been accepted as a participant?

A. Status updates will be sent from We have heard of emails getting caught by spam filters and GMail’s Promotions folder, so please be sure to check your subfolders.

Q. Do I need to be a member to apply to be on the program?

A. No, you do not need a membership in order to apply to be a participant. However, if you are accepted, you will need a membership by the start of the convention.

Q. Will you be having an academic program area?

A. Yes, please see our Call for Academic Proposals at

Q. Do you need presenters for specific program items, such as workshops, etc?

A. Please see our workshop application page at

Q. I want to be on the program but I am only available on certain days or times. How will you accommodate such schedules?

A. Our program scheduling software allows you to mark certain days or times as available. Program participants will be guided on the use of this software.

Q. I would like to have an in-person autograph session. How will that be handled?

A. You will sign up for an autograph session like you will other program items in the database.

Q. Will I have the option of participating in any activities outside of the hotel?

A. We are exploring possibilities for participants to host events outside of the hotel, such as museum tours and bookstore readings. These events might happen before, during, or after DisCon III depending on interest and availability. If you are interested, please contact and

Questions of general interest:

Q. What will your online program content look like?

A. During main programming hours, we will be broadcasting two items from the hotel and running at least one virtual item, for a minimum of three items available to watch online. We will offer as much virtual programming as we can based on the number of participants and volunteers available, so please apply at if you are interested in being an online participant or if you would like to volunteer to help make online items happen. We will also be broadcasting selected events such as the Masquerade and Hugo Award Ceremony.

Q. I don’t live in a time zone compatible with your main programming hours. Will you run online programming outside of those hours?

A. Yes, we are planning to have live virtual programming at all hours so that everyone, no matter their time zone, can participate in the program. We will also be recording the broadcast program items for later viewing.

Q. I will be attending in-person and will not have a computer. Will you be broadcasting online programming somewhere in the hotel?

A. Yes, we will have a room dedicated to showing live online programming during the entire convention. We intend to broadcast around the clock, including overnight, with at least one item viewable at all times.

Q. Will there be items with participants who are both online and in-person?

A. For ease of tech as well as person-wrangling, program items will have either all participants presenting in person or all presenting virtually, but not both on the same item.

Q. How will the program schedule be structured?

A. Most items (panels, presentations, and kaffeeklatsches) will run for 60 minutes, with a 30 minute break period between items. This will allow us to synchronize our in-person and virtual programming. Concerts, workshops, readings, and other activities with different time requirements may or may not adhere to this schedule.

Q. In addition to panels, presentations, and readings will there be more interactive activities?

A. We plan on offering workshops, kaffeeklatsches, discussion groups, and meet-up opportunities.

Q. Will there be online readings and kaffeeklatsches?

A. Yes, we intend to offer both online. Like in-person kaffeeklatsches, online kaffeeklatsches will have limited attendance.

Q. Will there be programming suitable for children?

A. Yes, we will have a dedicated space for children’s programming. We currently intend for it to adhere to the 60-minute program item/30-minute break format so the breaks align for most activities.

Q. I’m part of a fan group and I’d like to have a meet-up. Do you have space for that?

A. Please see our meetup page at

Q. When is the deadline to submit program ideas and other items of general interest?

A. Please submit items at by July 31.

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