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Progress Reports

  • Progress Report 0 (449K PDF)
  • Progress Report 1 – deadline for ads July 31, 2021, expected publication date October 8, 2021

WSFS Constitution, Rules, and Proposed Changes

In accordance with Section 2.4: Distribution of Rules of the World Science Fiction Society (WSFS) Constitution, DisCon III is publishing the WSFS Constitution and Standing Rules, together with an explanation of proposed changes approved but not yet ratified at the 2021 WSFS Business Meeting to occur during DisCon III. All members of DisCon III are members of WSFS and may attend the 2021 WSFS Business Meeting. The most current versions of these documents and minutes of the 2020 and previous WSFS Business Meetings are located at

Dispatches from DeeCee – the DisCon III Newsletter

Advertising in the DisCon III Pre-Con Member Newsletter Dispatches from DeeCee

As we get closer to DisCon III, we will publish the Dispatches from DeeCee member newsletter more frequently. Issue 7 will be released in late September/early October 2021.

We offer free quarter-page ad space in our pre-con newsletter to promote your convention or fannish activity.
1.75-inch wide x 7.5-inch tall
3.75-inch wide x 4.75-inch tall
7.5-inch wide x 2.25-inch tall
The file format may be pdf, psd, tif, png, gif, or jpeg.
Send your color or grayscale ad for Issue Seven to by 20 September 2021.
Submissions for Issue Eight should be received by 30 September 2021.

Advertising In DisCon III Progress Reports

We will be publishing one progress report for our members before the convention. The first and only Progress Report will be released in October 2021.  Final copy for ads for Progress Report 1 is due by July 31, 2021 at the latest. For more information, please download our Progress Report advertising rate card.

Advertising in the DisCon III Souvenir Book

A World Science Fiction Convention Souvenir Book is a source of reference for those attending the convention and a valued memento of the event afterwards, ensuring that advertisements will be seen repeatedly over an extended period. The DisCon III Souvenir Book will be a glossy, four-color publication featuring significant advertising content from professional, semi-professional, and fan organisations. It is traditionally the key Worldcon publication and is widely read and collected.

The deadline to reserve space in the souvenir book is September 30, 2021, and the ad copy deadline is October 30, 2021. For more information, please download our Souvenir Book advertising rate card.

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