Press Requirements

Qualifications for press may include (but are not limited to):

  1. Organization as a news/press outlet must have existed for at least two years.

  2. Be able to provide link to traffic stats page if requested.

  3. Individual personal blogs and/or photo galleries (cosplay photographers etc) will not be considered except in special cases.

  4. Students from High School or College are encouraged to apply. However, we do request a letter on an official school letterhead from your editor or school supervisor/advisor to outline the intent of the application. This request may come through email.

Each person that will be attending must fill out the form, even if someone from the same organization has already done so. Submitting a request for Press access does not guarantee that you will receive Press access. The total number of Press registrations is limited; as such, it’s possible that not every name submitted for your organization will receive Press access.

DisCon III will actively support members of the press and writers for online media who are covering the convention before, during, and after the event. We aim to provide information about this convention specifically, and about Worldcon, science fiction conventions, and the science fiction and fantasy genre in general, as well as Irish speculative literature and fandom. At any time before the convention, contact for support.

Press Passes and Press Credentials

A Press Pass is a complimentary admission to the convention that includes the right to attend the convention for a limited time. Press Passes are given to working media to allow them to access and move around the convention site. Press Passes do not include any WSFS membership rights. Anyone qualifying for a Press Pass automatically will receive Press Credentials. See below for more information on eligibility.

Press Credentials are given to regular (paying) convention members who are covering the convention for the press or online media as part of their attendance to identify them as press.

All members of the press are welcome to make use of the press services offered by the convention.

The only distinction between Press Credentials and a Press Pass is the complimentary admission.

To apply for a press pass or press credentials in time to be registered in advance, please complete the application by December 7th, 2021. Applications received after this date will be considered, however your registration will need to be processed on the convention floor, which might delay your access to the event. Regardless of when you apply, we will return a decision to you as soon as possible. If you have any questions, please contact

Press Pass Eligibility

Press Passes are available solely for working press staff – defined as individuals employed by recognized professional mainstream media outlets such as television and radio stations, newspapers, and other forms of news coverage, who are on assignment from those outlets and who would not be attending the convention if their jobs did not require it. Working press staff includes immediate supporting and technical staff such as producers, photographers, camera operators, and sound personnel.

Press Passes are not issued to persons who are attending the convention in a personal capacity. Worldcon has a long tradition that all members of our community – fans, professionals, staff, and programme participants (save only our Guests of Honor) – pay for their memberships. Someone who is a member of the convention staff or who has accepted an invitation to be a programme participant is presumed to be attending the convention primarily in their personal capacity, not as a member of the working press. Similarly, staff from genre press publications and fannish news sources such as fanzines and web sites are not working press for the purposes of this policy and are expected to purchase a membership.

Press Application:

To apply for a Press Pass or Press Credentials for DisCon III, please fill out this application form.

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