The DisCon III staff has sent out its first round of responses to program applicants. Because we have had reports of responses being caught by spam filters or Gmail’s Promotion folder, we are asking applicants to check their filters. 

Among the great things about the Worldcon community are the many talented, creative, and passionate people excited to be a part of this event. As part of our process,  the convention asked every applicant interested in participating in DisCon III to fill out the same online application whether they were a scientist, a fan, or a Hugo, Lodestar, or Astounding Finalist. 

From that pool of talent, our programming staff has been working to develop a dynamic and exciting event. Balancing program items and participants is much like filling a Table of Contents for a magazine. There are limited slots, and the program staff is doing their best to present a program that reflects the wealth of our community’s diversity and variety.

Every convention faces constraints imposed on it by time and space. DisCon III faces greater space constraints than a typical Worldcon since our original hotel closed, and everything must now fit into roughly half the space. We have placed some applicants on a waiting list, but sadly, we are unable to accept everyone who applies.

For those on the waiting list, programming is still being developed for both in-person and our online venues. We are hoping that our online venue will allow us to accommodate participants who cannot be with us in person, but the Tetris grid of topics and panelists means that we have only accepted the people that we were certain we had a spot for at this time. 

Programming always contains many moving parts. DisCon III is building an event shaped by the parameters of our new hotel, technology, budgets, and not the least of all – a global pandemic.

We appreciate your understanding and patience. We are making updates and sharing information as quickly as possible. Please let us know if you have any questions.

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